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Meet the teacher

Hello bloggers! I’m excited about beginning a new school year. First grade is the best grade and I love teaching it! Here’s a little bit of information about me to get us the year started right.

Here’s a fun fact about me.  I really love to travel. As a teacher summer breaks allow me time to really enjoy this hobby.  I like visiting new places and learning in the process.  I was in Europe this past summer and found this great place in Edinburgh, Scotland. I love reading and the Harry Potter series are one of my favorites. This is the place where J.K. Rowling wrote the book! It was so neat to stop in for a cup of tea!

I grew up just outside of Birmingham, Alabama and then attended Auburn University. War Eagle! I loved Auburn and decided to major in Elementary Education while there. My mother and grandmother where both teachers, so some might say teaching runs in my blood.


After college, I moved to nearby Atlanta, Georgia and started teaching first grade.  After three years of teaching first, I was ready for a change, so I moved schools and started teaching 2nd grade.  However, I soon realized I loved and missed first grade so much that I am back! I love teaching reading and writing so much that I found a way to major in it. I earned my Master’s degree from Georgia State in Reading, Language and Literacy.  This really challenged me to dig deeper and understand more about the ways little minds learn such complex processes like language skills.  You can always catching me communicating with my students to find out more about them!

Georgia State Unversity

I love technology and will be on the lookout this year to find some great educational sites that you can look at while at home or on the go.  All you will need is internet access and you’ll be ready to go.  Here’s a fun one to get you started.  It’s going to be a great year. I just know it!

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