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Pay Online for Field Trips

Here are the directions to pay online for field trips.  It is easy to go ahead and just make one payment, no more writing checks or sending cash multiple times through out the year.  We hope you enjoy the new stream lined process.  Thanks!


Directions to Pay for Field Trips Online:

  1. Go to the Atlanta Public Schools Online School Payments portal:


  1. Create a Username and Password


  1. Add a ‘Student Profile’ under YOUR ACCOUNT for every child
  • You will need the STUDENT ID for each child
  • If you do not have it, you can obtain the number through the Infinite Campus Portal or on your Accelerated Reader Account.
  • If you are still unsure, contact the main office or your teacher


  1. Select ‘Warren T. Jackson’ under ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS


  1. Click on each child’s grade/teacher under ‘Activity Name’ and add it to your cart. Note that the cost is the same within each grade level but may vary grade to grade based on the costs of the Field Trips chosen


  1. Select Checkout, Assign each student profile to the appropriate Activity Name and follow the prompts


  1. Once this transaction is complete, an email confirmation will be sent to your teacher(s) and Ms Astrid Moyer, in the main office. You will also be able to access your account online at any time


  1. Specific Details on the Field Trip within each grade as well as Permission Forms will be sent directly from the teachers

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